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American Lantern Festivals at Lyman Orchards

American Lantern Festivals at Lyman Orchards!

Experience the magic of illumination!

This winter, American Lantern Festivals invites audiences from all walks of life to take part in a one-of-a-kind fantasy of light that brings together concepts of fantasy, illumination and ancient tradition to produce unforgettable experiences – and even a few surprises! 

Lyman Orchards is not only visually stunning, but is steeped in local history, making it the perfect location for this fascinating, celebratory light sculpture display that brings together skilled artisanship and powerful presentation with regional references that the local community will appreciate. 

Lyman orchards

We can’t wait for you to be amazed!

Tickets Prices

Adult (13 years and older) – $25.00*
Youth (12 years and younger) – $20.00*
Children 3 and younger – Free, no ticket required.

*prices do not include taxes

Groups 10 or more, get 10% off.

Use the discount code: Group

“The Lyman Orchards show is a walk-through experience.  Please come dressed for the weather.”


American Lantern Festivals at Lyman Orchards takes visitors on a fantastic journey that delights the imagination and stimulates the senses.  Guests will walk through incredible scenes featuring impressive extinct creatures, exotic and colourful jungle animals and an aquatic wonderland where they can expect the unexpected! 

All light sculptures and lanterns are professionally designed and engineered by skilled artisans to provide audiences with an exceptional, unparalleled visual experience.  Made from silk, porcelain and steel, our festival immerses guests in a magical world of imagination and fantasy enhanced by thousands of LED lights that light up the night.

Lyman Orchards, in the beautiful Middlefield CT region provides an exciting and creative venue for displaying this fantasy of lights.  In the crisp of winter, there is no greater way to brighten the night and feel the thrill of anticipation and surprise brought to the region by this spectacular event.

American Lantern Festivals Inc. is thrilled to bring this beautiful, celebratory and culturally significant installation to Lyman Orchards.

American Lantern Festivals will astound audiences as they wander through a dazzling array of spectacular, illuminated silk lanterns and light sculptures while taking in the unparalleled scenery of Lyman Orchards. 

Groups of all sizes are welcome.

Located at:

Lyman Orchards
70 Lyman Rd
Middlefield, CT 06455

1741 Pub & Grill

Stop by 1741 Pub & Grill for great food and drinks, before or after the festival!  Open until 9pm.

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