About American Lantern Festivals | Winter 2021

About Us

American Lantern Festivals Inc. is an international, world-class producer of spectacular, large-scale light show installations.  American Lantern Festivals specializes in developing unique, broadly appealing and locally specific shows that have delighted guests across four continents and entertained millions of people of all ages & from all walks of life.

Our team is made up of innovative, creative, experienced entertainment and event professionals who are passionate about bringing one-of-a-kind, unique visual experiences to equally spectacular locations.  Our mission is to bring skilled artisanship and technical excellence together with beauty, fantasy and storytelling to create unforgettable shows that delight, surprise, and move people, young and old alike, as they take a magical journey.

American Lantern Festivals

All our lanterns are hand-constructed by highly skilled artisans using materials like silk, porcelain and glass.  The lanterns are then illuminated by thousands of LED lights, lighting up the night and providing breathtaking, dreamlike experiences for all audiences.  The effect is truly awe-inspiring!


This winter American Lantern Festivals presents two uniquely spectacular events in unparalleled natural settings. Join us for an unforgettable experience!

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